BBI Dealer Testimonial Series: Mike Olson of Spreader Specialties

Last month, BBI launched a new series of testimonial videos from our family of dealers and customers across the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America. This week, the company releases the second video in the series, a look at one of our strongest partners in the BBI dealer network, Mike Olson and the team at Spreader Specialties of Austin, Minnesota.

Spreader Specialties and the markets it serves reflect Mike’s own diverse business background. In addition to a long career in agribusiness, Mike has also taken turns as a real estate developer and is the current owner of the adjacent River Oaks Golf Course in Austin.  As a result, Mike and his team adeptly service not only the agriculture markets in the Northern Plains area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas, but also the turf management sector for golf and athletic fields, as well as needs in the municipal and commercial real estate communities for infrastructure development.

Take a look at the video piece for an inside look at Spreader Specialties. Mike discusses his exclusive commitment to BBI Spreaders, supporting customers through parts and service in tandem with BBI, and other topics, such as precision agriculture needs in the Northern Plains markets and the products he sees as real difference-makers in the BBI lineup, including Endurance (BBI’s line of spreaders for litter, compost, and shavings applications) and Triad (the industry’s first three-hopper, independent variable-spreader for precision dry material application).

Stay tuned in the coming months for more testimonials from the dealers and customers who bring the best to the field every day with BBI Spreaders