BBI introduces the GR System for Hydraulic Fertilizer & Lime Spreaders


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BBI introduces the GR System for Hydraulic Fertilizer & Lime Spreaders
(September 10, 2004)  Gainesville, GA 

Barron and Brothers International (BBI) introduces the GR System for use on Hydraulic Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders. The GR System is designed to allow applicators to put out higher rates of heavy materials at faster speeds. The system increases the bed chain speed while maintaining the necessary high starting torque capability to get heavy loads moving.

Ultimately, applicators substantially improve productivity with the GR System.

In addition, the system enables an applicator to double their application rate without creating hydraulic oil temperature problems.

The GR System is less expensive than the traditional means that require moving high rates of oil and in turn generate heat, which then require oil coolers to remove the heat. This system achieves high conveyor speeds while using only minimal oil flow rates needing no coolers.

The main components can be retrofitted to most existing BBI hydraulic units and the controls can be mounted inside the truck cab or on a tractor.

The GR System is now a common option for the BBI MagnaSpread Series wide-swath fertilizer/lime spreader and is also available on other BBI Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders.
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