BBI Offers Seamless Integration of Binary Manifold Technology

BBI Hydraulic Manifold

News for Immediate Release

Cornelia, GA – Barron and Brothers International announces the availability of their new modular Binary Hydraulic Manifold (Patent Pending) now a standard feature on the company’s MagnaSpread and Endurance spreaders.  This tool was developed as a quantum leap solution for the integration and management of spreading operations in conjunction with a variety of rate control systems on BBI equipment. These Binary Manifolds also incorporate a pilot operated relief and proportional flow control function along with a dump valve.

Complete modularity and the resulting adaptability are part of the DNA for all BBI spreaders operating with this firm’s Binary Manifold - making the upgrade to a Servo or GR valve a simple proposition. Since all BBI spreaders offer a ‘built-in’ ported gear case, no additional supplementary part is required for this upgrade to more advanced electronic control. “Efficient integration and optimum serviceability mean everything in today’s economic environment. So we used those particular values as guidelines for the initial development of our new Binary Manifold”, states BBI Sales Manager Lee Kilpatrick.

“Those goals were realized through the use of big-picture engineering and superior components thereby allowing us to reduce and simplify the connections required to take advantage of such an advanced system. This package couldn’t be more user-friendly”. BBI (Barron and Brothers International) is a privately held, Georgia based, design manufacturing and service provider of world-class spreaders for the agriculture and construction industries throughout North America. Exceptional design flexibility allows BBI to offer very specific options that result in highly focused customized equipment for virtually any application regardless of complexity. A “simple solutions to difficult problems” philosophy has made BBI a preferred choice for discriminating professionals everywhere.

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