BBI Road Show Continues to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

The BBI summer trade show sprint continues, with the company taking its precision agricultural spreaders to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show next week.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, the country’s largest agricultural trade show, takes place annually at Canada’s Outdoor Park in Woodstock, Ontario. This year’s show, slated for September 11-13, will welcome over 42,000 attendees from Canada’s farming communities and feature over 750 exhibitors, including BBI Spreaders.

According to the show website, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show offers “one-stop shopping for farmers and highlights the most innovative and technologically advanced agricultural products and services available. Through its dealer network, BBI continues to grow in the Canadian market, which consists of nearly 230,000 farms. Over 57,000 farms operate in the show’s host province of Ontario.

This year’s show will feature safety demonstrations, as well as the kickoff of 4-H Canada’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Gerry Winters, BBI’s territory sales manager for the northeastern United States and Canada, will attend this year’s show in Woodstock in support of the company’s local dealers in Canada.   

“Our participation in Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show marks a clear statement of intent for our company,” stated Lee Kilpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI Spreaders.  “BBI continues to grow as a trusted, international brand in Canada, South America, and Australia, adding to our history as the preferred maker of spreaders for farming, construction, and specialty needs in the U. S. market.  This show not only keeps us in touch with the great community of Canadian farmers, but also introduces us to many new partners in multiple global markets.”

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