BBI Spreaders NEW Pull Type MagnaSpread™ is turning heads in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio

BBI Spreaders introduced the Pull Type MagnaSpread this fall in response to requests from large acreage farmers in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. BBI Spreaders combined our proven truck mount wide-swath fertilizer and lime MagnaSpreadTM with our proprietary pull type 14 ton walking beam suspension frame with floatation tires. The result is a precision pull type spreader that performs equal to or better than floater spreaders without the investment in a dedicated chassis.

BBI’s proprietary spinner design delivers a wide, flat, consistent pattern. The MagnaSpreadspreader delivers fertilizer in flat 80’ plus swaths that allow 80’ driving patterns. Spreaders that do not deliver a flat spread pattern may throw a wide swath, but do not allow a driving interval of the same width. This equipment also performs very well with lime application delivering up to 2 tons per acre at 14 mph with a 60 ft swath. The MagnaSpread and the MagnaSpread are designed for farmers and custom applicators that need to cover large acreage quickly with precision. Either spreader is designed for use with variable rate control (VRT) or straight control.

BBI Spreaders, a Habersham County, Georgia company designs and manufactures organic and granular material spreaders for the agriculture, poultry, turf and construction industries. BBI is focused on delivering quality in every aspect of our business. Please call or visit our web site if you would like more information.

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