BBI’s Endurance Litter Spreader: a Brand Apart

BBI Endurance Litter Spreader

About ten years ago, litter was seen as a problem on the farm, a problem that required disposal. Practically every company in the spreading equipment sector made a very similar litter spreader to others on the market. In fact, if you removed the brand decals at the time, you’d be hard-pressed to tell any real differences among competing products.

That situation wasn’t good enough for BBI. We set about making a better litter spreader, one that would turn the problem of litter disposal on the farm into an organic fertilizer-spreading solution.  We achieved this solution through the development of Endurance, a product that set the standard, and continues to do so, for the litter spreader market.

Over a couple of summers, our engineering and design team developed a much better spread pattern for all the materials used in this application, heavy and wet materials like manure, litter, compost—all manner of organics. We achieved a spread pattern that literally doubled the swath of the close-knit pack of competitors. 

This spread pattern wasn’t just better—it was superior by every possible measurement.  A flatter, wider spread pattern meant fewer passes, greater precision in application and much less material and fuel expended during spread times.  In short, with the advent of Endurance, we had developed in the farm spreading equipment sector the concept of cost-in-use.

As the years passed, the most advanced customers in the litter market were early adopters of Endurance, and they demanded even greater innovation from our R&D team.  This led to the creation of BBI’s exclusive Binary Manifold, and ISOBUS-compatible platform for connecting to precision agriculture technology.   Thus, the Endurance customer has taken the business of litter from one focused on disposal to one focused on delivering greater profits through precision ag.

Here’s the best part:  it’s easy to see that in the litter spreader space, it’s a case of the best versus the rest.  While the rest of the pack delivers disposal tools, we’re delivering power, precision, and efficiency with the Endurance litter spreader.

Endurance is yet another example of how listening to your customers makes your company better for the long haul.  Every business sector has that group of visionaries who see things just a little bit differently from the rest, taking a present problem and turning it into a future solution.  Farming is no exception, and we are proud to align with visionary farmers who set the stage for progress in agriculture.

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