BBI’s Hagler Interviewed in US Business Executive Magazine

Company President Shares Heritage, Success  Drivers, and Vision for the Industry’s Future

Richard Hagler, President of BBI Spreaders, recently sat down with Mark Thompson and Eric Gundberg of US Business Executive magazine to share the company’s heritage, recent success, and vision for the future of spreading equipment.

Founded 20 years ago as a company firmly-rooted in the traditional agricultural equipment sector, BBI Spreaders has become an innovation leader in the space, leading to expansion into other sectors that depend on the same tools and technology as farming---areas such as construction and golf courses.  During the last twelve years, BBI’s new focus on pushing forward the design and technology of its equipment has resulted in consistent year-over-year growth, as it has met numerous goals for the development of cutting-edge manifolds, valves, and increased connectivity to electronic controls systems across the agricultural equipment market.

In the piece,  published in the magazine’s Summer 2012 edition, Richard articulated BBI’s winning philosophy that has driven the company’s growth despite national and global recessions:  “I believe that just because an economy is not doing well, it should have no bearing on your business.  Our success is determined by how creative and assertive we are.”

Richard also highlighted how BBI walks the talk in living its mission to improve the economics of its customers.  He discussed the company’s commitment to research and development guided by foundational principles of designing and refining new products that increase durability and efficiency, reducing fuel, labor, and maintenance costs for the farmers who trust BBI spreaders to do their work in the fields.

Cementing BBI’s standing as the innovation leader in spreading equipment for agriculture is its recent engagement with the United States Department of Agriculture.  A research scientist approached BBI with an idea for a spreader that would effectively redistribute poultry litter directly into the root systems of field plants.  Now on its fourth round of prototyping, our company now has an equipment line poised to change the landscape of spreading applications—once again.

BBI Spreaders appreciates the opportunity for Richard Hagler to promote our company, its partners, and dealer network in US Business Executive.  As also noted in the article, the company is proud to be releasing its next breakthrough in precision farming, the Task Command System, a set of technology controls utilizing field reporting of spreader data, variable-rate technology drivers, GPS-driven guidance, and auto-steering capabilities.

We’ll have much more to come very soon on the Task Command System, currently in final rounds of beta testing.