BBI’s New Producer Series: Power, Precision and Persistence

New press release out today from BBI headquarters:

Cornelia, GA -BBI Spreaders (BBI) announces a new series of fertilizer spreaders that offers top-producing farmers unparalleled power, capacity and efficiency.

Based on its industry-leading precision line of dry applicators, MagnaSpread, the Producer Series includes three models: the massive MagnaSpread Ultra and the multi-hopper MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3.

“It’s a new day for producers around the world,” said Lee Kilpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI. “They finally have applicators that not only match with precision agriculture technology capabilities, but also the demands of large-acreage environments.”

With 20-ton suspension, the MagnaSpread Ultra is “the strongest, heaviest-duty spreader on the market,” Kilpatrick said. It combines power -- 60 percent more horsepower along with a 50 percent increase in torque -- with persistence. The 20-foot MagnaSpread Ultra features BBI’s Continuous Duty Hydraulic System, which runs with no heat, offering efficiency that allows the operator to work continuously.

That added power facilitates a bigger package, so BBI added four feet to its largest existing spreader. Increased capacity means a producer can spread material over more acres before reloading.

“This machine has no quit in it--the MagnaSpread Ultra works until the job is done,” Kilpatrick said.

Joining the MagnaSpread Ultra in the Producer series are two micro-nutrient precision spreaders, the double-hopper MagnaSpread2 and triple-hopper MagnaSpread3.

Compatible with all major precision ag electronics suites, the new spreaders will empower producers to get full value out of agronomic micronutrient data. The MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 are equipped to employ high-level soil chemistry to its full potential and blend nutrients to agronomists’ precise specifications, reducing waste.

With the MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3, producers will also get maximum value from eliminating the inefficiency of multi-pass fertilizing. In a single pass, the multi-hopper spreaders distribute two to three passes of material, saving two to four days of application per 1,000 acres.

BBI’s multi-hopper offerings will boost conservation, as well as profitability. By allowing producers to efficiently apply chemical nutrients in a super-targeted fashion, the MagnaSpread2 and MagnaSpread3 support good land stewardship practices.

“This is patented technology in a proven platform,” Kilpatrick said. “The MagnaSpread 2 and MagnaSpread 3 will deliver higher yields for our customers across the world.”

BBI will unveil the MagnaSpread Producer series at the Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27-29 in Decatur, Ill. The Farm Progress Show is the country’s largest outdoor farm show.