Dealer Spotlight (Northeast): Eckroth Equipment Company

Pennsylvania’s  Eckroth Equipment Company has quickly established itself as a powerful contributor to the BBI dealer network in its first year of doing business with our company.

With two Pennsylvania locations in Orefield and New Ringgold, Eckroth serves a diverse market of farmers in the northeastern region of the state, along with producers throughout the state of New Jersey.  Early on in its partnership with BBI, Eckroth has shown a great ability to serve this rather unique market between Washington and Boston, an area with the greatest population density in the country.

Farm acreage is largely scarce along the I-95 corridor, making the utilization of the Penn/Jersey farms all the more important in meeting the needs of urban grocers, farmers’ markets, and restaurants in Philadelphia and New York City.  These operations are less-geared to large commodity production than their counterparts in the Midwest.  While they produce their fair share of grains, many of these farms focus on produce and milk product production to meet localized market needs.

Owner Dan Eckroth has responded to the needs of his market by diversifying the company’s equipment offerings through the years, with products ranging from tractors and combines to sprayers and balers, and the company has remained consistent to serving as a one-stop shop for this market through enjoying a diversified relationship with BBI.

 Led by manager Gavin Grim, the sales team at Eckroth has served the Pennsylvania/New Jersey market with MagnaSpread and Endurance, BBI’s flagship lines of hydraulic spreaders for dry applications on larger-acreage farms, as well as Liberty, the company’s large-capacity, ground-wheel-drive mechanical spreader. 

Eckroth also pays particular attention to the needs of small-acreage farms in the region, offering Trooper, BBI’s tractor and truck-towable spreader for dry applications on small farms.  Rounding out the Eckroth team’s holistic approach to taking care of the region’s farmers are Mark Paul in sales, Victor Ackerman in parts, and Bob Zeigler in service.  These guys are getting the job done, in every sense of the dealer’s responsibilities for shaping the BBI customer experience.

“Eckroth Equipment has been a tremendous team to the BBI team here in the Northeast,” stated Gerry Winters, BBI’s territory sales manager for the region.  “They really are committed to helping the full range of farmers out there in the marketplace, and not just in terms of sales.  The people at Eckroth are friendly, knowledgeable, and they welcome any opportunity to give great service and assist with replacement parts.  Very early in our relationship with them, Eckroth Equipment is exemplifying everything we want to see in a dealer—a holistic commitment to the customer in the field.”