ITF Supply, a strong member of the BBI Spreaders dealer network, is located in Willows, California. 

In the heart of Glenn County, nearly 1,200 farms of all shapes and sizes surround the Willows community, delivering a variety of commodities, including almonds, milk products, rice, prunes, and livestock.  Central to the area’s continued success in agriculture is the team at ITF Supply, owned by a third-generation farming family intent on serving the needs of Central Valley farmers and ranchers north of Sacramento in Glenn County and the adjacent counties of Colusa and Butte.

Led by manager Richard Whyler, ITF has a sterling reputation with the northern California farming community, resulting from its wide array of products and customer site program.  ITF maintains an inventory of over 14,000 products in areas such as harvest, tillage, spreaders and sprayers, welding, paints and chemicals, and fasteners. The customer site program keeps large accounts happy, as ITF’s delivery team stocks farm and ranch shops with the items they use most.

Further evidence of ITF’s impeccable customer service is its extended service hours commitment during harvest months, typically from mid-September to early November in the Central Valley.

ITF serves the needs of many diverse farming operations in northern California, as many of their customers have farms with acreage dedicated to row crops, nut orchards, and raising cattle, all within a single master operation.  Because of these diverse specialty needs, ITF keeps an ample supply of spreaders for demonstration needs, but they have responded well to the discerning farmer’s demands by providing keen customization with the help of our sales department at BBI.

MagnaSpread, BBI’s flagship hydraulic spreader for granular fertilizer and lime, is popular with ITF’s clientele, and farmers with smaller operations in the area enjoy using Liberty, BBI’s ground-wheel-drive option for granular applications.  Of particular importance to this market is the performance of BBI’s Endurance line, especially popular among the region’s many organic farmers.  These farmers find more ways to use Endurance—spreading nut hulls, compost, and manure—than perhaps any other market in the country.

BBI salutes ITF Supply of Willows, California.  The ongoing satisfaction of BBI users in the tri-county area of the northern California’s Central Valley region attests to this dealer’s unwavering commitment to expertise and service in bringing the best spreaders to the field.