Farm Equipment Highlights BBI in October-November 2012 Issue

BBI Spreaders recently participated in the annual Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, with Denny McCauley, Lee Kilpatrick, and Russ McEver in attendance on behalf of the company.  We were pleased to learn that one of BBI’s featured products, a MagnaSpread built with a 20-ton walking-beam suspension, was recently featured in Farm Equipment magazine’s show recap for the October/November 2012 issue.  

As the feature story noted, an emerging trend at this year’s Farm Progress Show was bigger, beefier products with larger and stronger components that meet market demands for durability and capacity.  Farm Equipment notes many new products and supporting electronics packages that fit the need for workhorse product lines to meet the needs for today’s farms.

MagnaSpread is BBI’s flagship spreader for large-capacity, precision agriculture technology-supported granular fertilizer and lime applications.

The MagnaSpread featured by BBI at the August show featured a 20-ton walking-beam suspension, and an extra-large capacity of 16-20 tons depending on the density of the granular fertilizer or lime material applied by the equipment. This particular MagnaSpread is a pull-type, featuring BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold, a plug-to-tractor hydraulic system.  In addition, this particular MagnaSpread features a scale system option to facilitate larger jobs on the farm.