Happy Fourth of July from BBI Spreaders

American Flag

As we pause to celebrate American independence this week, we reflect on what freedom really means.  Many proud Americans will tell you that they think this country is the ultimate expression of freedom, but there are many perspectives on its meaning.

To some, freedom means the right to have a voice in government.  For others, it brings to mind the right to gather, worship, and express our thoughts as we please, as long as we’re not hurting others in the process.  And to others still, freedom represents the right to own our destiny, never compromising our economic potential and living a dream that each successive generation can prosper to an even greater extent than its forbears.

When we think of freedom at BBI, we think of it as a core principle of our business.  This isn’t to say we equate, in a trivial manner, the achievement of American independence with selling spreaders.  But we must never take for granted the privilege we have of partnering with an industry that has fueled the American dream with spirit and imagination, even its colonial days—farming.  American agriculture is the fruition of a boundless ambition, a perfect example of how progress meets the needs of a growing and sophisticated population.  And the population that American farmers serves knows no boundaries or borders, as our agriculture community feeds the world around us, too.

We live every day at BBI with a core value to match our own company’s vision and output to that spirit and imagination we see in American farmers, the people who have shaped our country’s destiny and continued freedom, with every generation.  When we say things like “improving customer economics” in our mission, what we really mean is giving people the equipment they need to achieve their bottom line potential.  When our customers can achieve new heights in production and profitability, we know that they have the freedom to sustain American farming for the next generation.

Take some time this weekend, as we all enjoy the blessings of our great nation, to think about all of the people who contribute in their own ways to our great experiment in freedom here in the United States of America.  Think of those who have served, fought, died, and taken serious injury to protect us against those who wish to take our freedom from us.  Don’t forget to think of all of those, too, who have embraced the vision of our founding fathers, living the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom is meaningless if we don’t protect it and live it to the fullest extent. Happy Fourth of July from BBI Spreaders.