It’s Showtime for Salford Group at the Missouri State Fair

Salford BBI Endurance

Salford Group’s David Shearer is heading to the Show Me State, ready to show some great tillage, seeding, and fertilizing equipment at this year’s Missouri State Fair.

Held annually at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, this year’s affair takes place from August 13-23. According to the State Fair website, the event has been a barometer of the state’s economic health and a documentary of the history of Missouri agriculture since its inception in 1901.

In addition to the midway rides, concerts, tractor pulls, and competitions showcasing growers and breeders from around the state, equipment companies will also have the opportunity to display models in Machinery Block 8 of the Fairgrounds. Shearer, Salford Group’s territory manager for the region, is proud to attend the Missouri State Fair in support of area dealers and educate attending farmers on the benefits of Salford’s range of equipment built for soil productivity.

In Lots 6 and 7 of Machinery Block 8, Shearer will display several pieces of big Salford iron, including three fertilizer spreaders, as well as the I-2100 from Salford’s Independent Series of tillage products.

From the precision applicator lineup, both flagship lines from BBI Spreaders will be represented at the Missouri State Fair. MagnaSpread is a hydraulic-powered fertilizer and lime spreader optimized for precision agriculture, available in a variety of hopper sizes to meet the needs of farming operations of varying sizes and conditions. The option-rich line features standard ISOBUS connections for convenient connections to all precision farming technology, and Salford BBI’s Task Command System, featuring guidance and variable rate control, is also standard issue.

Endurance is the industry leader in the application of litter and a wide range of organic materials, a popular application in Missouri and throughout the Four-State region. Like MagnaSpread, Endurance is also available in a variety of hopper sizes, in pull-type and truck-mount options, and is optimized for precision agriculture.  Endurance enables farmers in the Four State region to turn poultry waste into increased profitability through targeted crop application.

Also on display from the BBI Spreaders collection will be Liberty, the company’s original ground wheel drive, mechanical spreader featuring the company’s proprietary spinner technology that’s defined precision for the industry for than a decade.

From the Salford Independent Series, Shearer will showcase the I-2100. This machine employs a heavy frame design and rubber suspension for increased weight per blade and to manage the additional vibration created by this second generation Coil-Tech.  True to the Independent Series design, the I-2100 is able to cover an acre per hour per foot.  In addition, the I-2100 has been engineered for compatibility with I-Series seeding and fertilizer attachments to allow producers to combine field operations saving fuel and man hours

The I-2100 on display at the Missouri State Fair will feature Salford’s hydraulic chisel shanks. The equipment will also feature a mounted Valmar seeder.

For more information on the Missouri State Fair, taking place August 13-23 in Sedalia, visit the Fair website at