Javelin from BBI Spreaders Takes Flight at Farm Progress Show

Salford BBI Javelin 120 Ft Swath Urea Spreader

BBI Launches Revolutionary 120’ Swath Spreader at Farm Progress Show

Cornelia, GA – August 25, 2014BBI Spreaders (BBI) launches Javelin,a new broadcast applicator with a revolutionary new spinner system capable of 120-foot spread swaths at this week’s Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

Javelin, the latest addition to BBI’s Producer Series line of spreaders and innovations optimized for large-acreage farms, is now the largest single-axle spreader built for mid-season top-dress applications. The new spreader features expandable track widths (90-120 inches), along with tires that are both lightweight and rugged enough for the demands of large-acreage applications.

Javelin matches the latest international standards for controlled-traffic farming precision, as the spinner system consistently hits even broadcast patterns up to 120 feet (36 meters).  The new spinner system eclipses the former standard for swath, set by the company’s MagnaSpread line, at 80 feet.

Powered by the unprecedented 120-foot swath, Javelin hits application targets in fewer passes, with drastic reductions in fuel consumption and time spent in the field per application.  The advent of the Javelin marks a new standard for efficiency in application of dry material.

As with all hydraulic spreaders for application of fertilizer, lime, and organic materials, the Javelin from BBI Spreaders arrives on the farm standard-equipped with the company’s latest precision agriculture technology suite, the Task Command System. Launched at last year’s Farm Progress Show, the Task Command System is an economical entry point for farmers looking to implement precision farming, with capabilities that include auto-steer, guidance, and variable-rate application of nutrients to match agronomic data.

“At BBI, we’re all about improving the bottom line for our customers’ farming operations,” stated Richard Hagler, President of BBI Spreaders. “The Javelin is a significant achievement in our company’s quest to maximize yield, eliminate waste, and ultimately leave more money in farmers’ pockets at the end of each season.” 

“Our customers demand greater efficiency with each new generation of spreaders,” echoed Lee Kirkpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI, “The development of the Javelin is a tribute to the ingenuity of our design and engineering team.  As the first company to achieve a consistent spread pattern of 120 feet, we can significantly drop the amount of time our customers spend in the field, moving them on to other tasks to generate greater profitability on the farm.”

BBI Spreaders, a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and sales of spreading equipment for agriculture, golf course management, and construction/infrastructure development. The company is proud to introduce Javelin at the 2014 Farm Progress Show, August 26-28   in Boone, Iowa.  The Farm Progress Show is the premier outdoor exhibition on the American agriculture trade show circuit, held annually at rotating venues in Iowa and Illinois.