Javelin, I-Series + Switchblade Recognized among Innovations at North America’s Largest Ag Shows

Salford BBI Javelin 120 ft urea spreader

Salford Group celebrated its latest product launches this summer, with both product lines set to take producers to new levels of performance in precision application of dry fertilizer and vertical tillage. On large-acreage farms.

Salford BBI released Javelin, the first precision spreader on the North American market to achieve a true 120-foot spread swath and drive interval, while Salford continued to set the standard for producers in tillage with the release of the I-Series + Switchblade, a shank package that effectively creates a three-in-one vertical tillage, fertilizer applicator, and coulter chisel.

Inspired by global trends in precision agriculture, including controlled traffic farming, as well as the onward push for higher yields, reduced fuel consumption and material waste, and overall greater efficiency, Javelin is the latest expression of Salford BBI’s mission to improve customer economics in the field and a part of the company’s Producer Series, a family of spreaders optimized for large-acreage applications.  The Producer Series models, which include the multi-hopper MagnaSpread 2 and MagnaSpread 3, as well as the Continuous Duty Hydraulics-powered MagnaSpread Ultra, have set new standards of excellence for power, precision, and performance for application of dry material.

Salford’s I-Series has redefined tillage for the last decade by offering producers true vertical tillage capabilities via independently-mounted blades. The I-Series leads the tillage sector in speed, obstacle protection, and range of operating conditions, with little to no soil moisture or residue limitations. With the advent of the Switchblade shank package, Salford has enabled producers to stay in the field with one piece of equipment to effectively replace the work of what had previously been done with three.

Now, as the media have made their rounds at shows like Farm Progress, Canada’s Outdoor Farm show, the Dakotas’ Big Iron Farm Show, and Ohio State University’s Farm Science Review, the verdict is in—Javelin and the I-Series + Switchblade are notable achievements in the service of producers in a year known primarily for incremental innovation in the segment, according to the team at Farm Equipment magazine.  The leading publication assembled its largest ever contingent of reporters to cover the four major shows across the continent, and the team included Javelin and the I-Series + Switchblade in its recently-released October issue highlighting across-the-board innovations revealed on the summer agriculture show circuit.

Once again, the design and engineering teams at Salford Group have pushed the envelope of innovation forward with Javelin and the I-Series + Switchblade, taking producers and the world’s largest farms to next-level performance.

Read more at Farm Equipment magazine: http://www.farm-equipment.com/pages/In-this-Issue-October-2014-Summer-Farm-Show.php