McCauley, AgSystems Take BBI Experience to Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

BBI’s Denny McCauley and dealer partner AgSystems participated in the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days last week at Dallas, Wisconsin’s Breezy Hill Dairy facility.

Held July 9-11, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is the largest agricultural show in the state and one of the largest in the country.

Each year, the Technology Days show rotates to different family farm settings, and the Breezy Hill Dairy in Barron County hosted the event.  The theme for this year’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days was “Agribusiness—Cultivating Our Future.”

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days provides visitors the opportunity to see and talk with more than 600 commercial and educational exhibitors about their machinery, equipment, facilities, products, and services. The show will feature a wide variety of agricultural products and services used in dairy, livestock, and crop production systems in Wisconsin. In addition, specialists and county extension agents from the University of Wisconsin and state and federal agencies attend and interact with participants.

At this year’s show, BBI was proud to join its longtime dealer partner in the area, AgSystems. Denny McCauley, the territory sales manager for the Midwest and Western United States at BBI, showcased demonstration models of  MagnaSpread,  industry leader in the hydraulic class of spreaders optimized for precision farming applications for granular fertilizer, lime, and organics and Grasshopper, BBI’s staple nine-foot,  single-axle mechanical fertilizer spreader optimized for top-dressing of row crops and sod and turf farms.  

“We appreciate our friends at AgSystems for collaborating with us on another successful experience at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days,” stated McCauley.  “Our company enjoys any opportunity to work with our dealers to educate farmers and bring more of them into the BBI family, and we are always excited to work with a sophisticated group like the farmers at this show.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2014.”