Ready Your Spreader: Poultry Litter May Be in Your Future


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Ready Your Spreader: Poultry Litter May Be in Your Future
(June 24, 2009)  Cornelia, GA

The poultry spreader has arrived! Once simply a tool to get rid of unwanted litter and manure from the chicken house, poultry litter and the spreader have evolved into one of the most economical and "green" methods to apply nutrients to fields.

Composted litter and manure, also known as black gold, are the original "green" fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as organic materials that help to improve soil quality. Many tools have been developed to properly handle litter and manure and to sterilize them and remove odor through natural composting processes. Proper handling of these materials also keeps them contained and prevents loss of precious nutrients through runoff.

BBI Endurance series litter spreaders can be equipped with Straight or Variable Rate Control (VRC) and guidance. A VRC equipped spreader will apply litter per the nutrient prescription from a soil agronomist - putting the nutrients where needed - and can also assure that litter is not spread on the drainage areas of fields where precious nutrients may leach away. This technology will also allow the farmer to keep records of exactly a where and when litter is applied.

The Poultry Litter Spreader has evolved into a versatile tool to apply nutrients to soil where needed, responsibly use a valuable farm byproduct, and create a great fertilizer alternative when commercial fertilizer prices soar. 

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