Salford Group Expands Air Seeder Line with High Capacity Cart Capable of Delivering Liquid and Dry Product

Salford Air Cart AC4000

(Salford, ON) – Salford Group air carts are already well known for their ability to deliver granular fertilizer accurately and reliably but now, the global manufacturer of tillage seeding and fertilizer application equipment is upping the stakes with the introduction of its largest tool to date in the large-scale air cart class, the AC4000 air cart with optional liquid capability.

Salford is rolling it out for the first time in public at Canada’s Farm Progress Show. The AC4000 was specifically engineered for dry land farming in the Canadian prairies, but Salford also has a view to the open acreages of the Dakotas, Montana, and some markets overseas. With a maximum dry capacity of 945 bushels the AC4000 models are in the league of the largest carts in the world. The AC4000L with the liquid tank option is able to carry up to 505 bushels of dry product and 4000 gallons of liquid fertilizer.

In order to maintain flotation at such high capacity, the AC4000 models come with 900/50 R46 radial lug tires.

“We’ve had a lot of requests from customers to incorporate liquid fertilizer into our carts. Larger acreages really tighten the seeding window. This leads to producers towing 3 implements at once, one for seeding, a second for dry product and a third for liquid. These trains can reach over 130 feet long,” said Brad Baker, Product Manager for Salford’s Seeding and Independent Series equipment lines. “The combined machines are high capacity, but cumbersome to operate and potentially dangerous to transport and maneuver. We took producer feedback and engineered the AC4000L to carry liquid and dry product for a safer machine that is simpler to operate.”

Salford Air Cart AC4000

Baker feels that the number requests to incorporate a liquid tank into Salford air carts point to a trend toward more liquid fertilizer use. “Our goal with the AC4000 liquid option is to offer more application choice. Salford has anhydrous application solutions, a growing line of dry product applicators and the AC4000L gives producers a liquid fertilizer option that was designed to be part of this air cart from the beginning, not just as an afterthought.”

“Salford Air Carts, including the new AC4000 and AC4000L, are designed with many unique features,” says Jim Boak, Sales Manager for Salford.

The carts come standard with poly tanks and stainless steel metering system that are designed for longevity. The unique meter rollers are highly accurate and deliver near planter precision at rates as low as 5 pounds per acre and as high as 250 pounds per acre. The meter rolls can be changed out to deliver lower and high product rates. Each poly tank is mounted independently, which allows them to be weighed separately.

“The option to put a scale each tank, including the new liquid tanks, has given producers a lot of comfort in knowing that they are getting all their product with each fill. It also helps to plan each fill stop so you’re not running out of one commodity in mid-field,” says Boak.

The liquid delivery system can be equipped for hydraulic drive or ground drive to match the accuracy that the farmer requires. Hydraulic variable rate liquid systems are powered by a Hypro™ 9300 pump and ground driven machines use a John Blue™ pump. The AC4000L can be equipped with a high capacity Conveyall™ conveyor with a 67 bushel per minute capacity. That conveyor combined with the standard three inch liquid fill line makes the cart very fast and easy to fill.

“We’ve sourced critical components like the conveyor and fans from Western Canada because these companies are in the heart of innovation for large acreage seeding operations and the AC4000 is designed to excel in that market,” said Baker.

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Salford Group, with facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Russia, is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment. The company dedicates its ongoing innovation efforts to precision, durability, versatility in the field, and improving the economics of farming for producers worldwide.

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