Salford Group Introduces New I-Series Additions at 2015 Canada’s Farm Progress Show

Salford Flex Finish I-Series Tillage Equipment

(Salford, ON) – The Salford Group heads to Regina, Saskatchewan next week to the renowned Canada’s Farm Progress Show, with new product introductions in tow.

In addition to rolling out the AC4000L, a giant, hybrid dry/liquid air cart with four tanks, Salford Group is launching two new additions to the popular Independent or “I” Series of vertical tillage equipment, the I-2200 and I-4200. An official launch of the I-4200 will take place on the first day of the show at 10:30 a.m. in Salford’s main booth site 5908-11 however, both tools will be on display in booth #s 5908-11 and 8316-17 as the Canada’s Farm Progress Show runs from June 17-19 in Hall #12 at Regina’s Evraz Place.

Salford’s western Canada territory managers—Glenn Herperger, Clay Dillman, and Doug Achtymichuk—will be on hand to educate producers and answer questions about the new I-Series products. The Independent Series is named for its independently mounted coulter blades that vertically slice through soil while fractioning layers of compaction through what’s described as a “jackhammer effect.” The addition of these two pieces brings the I-Series to a total of 8 models that vary in aggressiveness, from light tillage and slicing residue to full-bore soil displacement and residue incorporation up to five inches deep.

The I-2200 is a “true vertical tillage” machine with coulter blades that run straight up and down for minimal soil disturbance. The I-4200, on the other hand, is a hybrid tillage machine that combines the concepts of both vertical and conventional tillage into one unit.

“This is an exciting time for our company as we’ve been building toward addressing farmers’ needs for field adaptive technology that meets their demands for site specific tillage,” said Brad Baker, product manager for the I-Series. “For farmers to adapt to field demands, get higher yields, and maximize their return on investment, the ability to change in the field is an absolute necessity. These tools get them there.”

Salford I-Series Tillage Equipment

The new I-2200 is one of Salford’s more aggressive true vertical tillage designs, making it a highly formidable and productive piece of machinery. It combines the Coil-Tech Coulter II 1 5/8” Independent blade mounting system of the I-2100 with the five-inch spacing of the I-1200. This unique combination allows for excellent seed bed preparation, thorough residue sizing, and effective mechanical weed control. It also features 60 percent more down pressure than the Salford Coil Tech I and deeper penetration into tough ground conditions.

The new I-4200 is more aggressive yet, combining concave blades and wavy coulters to achieve the residue mixing capabilities of the I-4100 with the field finish characteristics of an I-1200 or I-2200 (five inch spaced models). The front two rows of the machine utilize the same rubber cushion concave blade coulters and spacing found on the I-4100. On the rear rows, there are 50 percent more Coil-Tech II wavy blade coulters with 22-inch eight-wave blades than on the I-4100. This results in stronger performance in high-residue or wet conditions compared to compact disks or disk gang style VT machines.

The I-4200 is compatible with all Salford seeding and fertilizer application attachments including SwitchbladeTM hydraulic shanks. This allows multiple operations to be combined into one pass, therefore multiplying the productivity factor of the machine.

“The introduction of these two new pieces of equipment is more evidence of Salford delivering on its promise of building equipment for soil health,” said Salford National Sales Manager (Canada) Jim Boak. “What we mean by soil health is not only getting better yields, but also helping to preserve the soil for the long term and helping our customers get a greater return, not only on their equipment investment, but on preserving the family farm for future generations.”

“I’m excited for my team—Glenn, Clay, and Doug—as they’re set to celebrate Salford’s biggest Canada’s Farm Progress Show yet,” said Boak.

About Salford Group

Salford Group, with facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Russia, is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment. The company dedicates its ongoing innovation efforts to precision, durability, versatility in the field, and improving the economics of farming for producers worldwide.