Salford Group Rolls Out Multiple New Products at Canada’s Farm Progress Show

Salford Air Cart AC4000

(SALFORD, ON) – Fresh off rounding out its product lineup through the acquisitions of Manitoba based Valmar Airflo, and BBI Spreaders of Georgia, Salford Group continues to define innovation in the seeding and tillage equipment sectors with its new products which will be introduced at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

Canada’s Farm Progress Show takes place annually at the Evraz Place in Regina, Saskatchewan, right next to the Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Salford will feature products from all their divisions at each booth location, the main Salford booth, 5908-11, and Valmar’s booth at 8316-17. This year’s event runs from June 17-19.

Right off the assembly lines is the company’s largest implement to date in the large-scale air cart class, the AC4000 which will be located in booth 5908-11. The new four tank offering from Salford is available in an all-dry 945 bushel configuration, but perhaps more importantly, the company is offering a hybrid dry/liquid configuration to match the real needs of large acreage operations. Known as the AC4000L, the dry/liquid hybrid features 550 bushels of dry capacity across three tanks, along with a massive 4000 gallon liquid tank.

In addition to the four tank air cart rollout, the company is proud to launch the latest offerings of its signature tillage lineup, the Independent Series. The I-2200 and I-4200 each mark a bold leap forward in Salford frame technology that allows these new models to carry Salford’s latest blade mounts on 5 inch spacing. The tighter blade spacing creates more aggressive operation while maintaining the benefits of Salford’s patented true vertical tillage design. By adding Salford’s new field adaptive attachments, the Flex Finish™ and SwitchBlade™, to I-Series tools the new designs become capable of site-specific tillage, giving producers an unprecedented level of control and decision making power in the field.

The Flex Finish hydraulic tines and rolling baskets have been nominated for an Innovation Award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of Salford, and better yet, we think, to be one of our customers,” said Brad Baker, Product Manager for the Independent Series and Seeding product lines, and development lead for the I- 2200, I-2400, and AC4000. “These tools speak to our company’s commitment to giving producer’s an unprecedented level of choice in the field. Whether it’s residue management, seeding, or liquid application, we aim to be the producer’s choice for soil productivity.”

The new equipment will be on display in booths 5908-11 and 8316-17 at Canada’s Farm Progress Show. Western Canada Territory Managers Glenn Herperger, Clay Dillman, and Doug Achtymichuk will showcase the equipment, educating attending producers on the features and benefits of the AC4000L, new I-Series additions, and precision nutrient applicators from the Salford BBI and Salford Valmar lineups. Salford BBI units on display at Western Canada Farm Progress include Javelin and MagnaSpread Ultra, a pair of offerings from the Producer Series, a family of spreaders optimized for large-acreage operations.

Between booths 5908-11 and 8316-17, Jason Jansen of Salford Valmar will host producers interested in a number of the company’s offerings, including a pair of implement mount granular applicators, the 2455 and 3255, and a pair of high capacity fertilizer applicators, the 7600 and 8600. With the unification of the former Salford, BBI Spreaders, and Valmar Airflo, the new Salford Group is now the only original engineering manufacturer (OEM) in North America to produce broadcast spinner spreader, pneumatic boom spreader, and sub-soil fertilizer application equipment.

“Canada’s Farm Progress Show is a special show for me and my team,” said Jim Boak, Salford Group’s National Sales Manager (Canada). “Glenn, Doug, and Clay are gearing up for their biggest show yet, and we are thrilled to roll out some real game-changing equipment. These products make a real difference in the lives of farming families, helping them take their operations to next-level performance.”

About Salford Group

Salford Group, with facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Russia, is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment. The company dedicates its ongoing innovation efforts to precision, durability, versatility in the field, and improving the economics of farming for producers worldwide.