Salford Group Team Rolls to Ag in Motion

On the heels of a historic Canada’s Farm Progress Show, the Salford team rides next to western Canada’s all-new outdoor farm expo, Ag in Motion.

Salford Tillage Equipment Independent Series

Situated on 320 acres located about 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ag in Motion is sure to be an emerging favorite on the Canadian farm show circuit, known for its interactivity with demonstrations from more than 300 manufacturers of farm equipment, technology, crops, and services. This year’s event takes place from July 21-23.

Ag in Motion is a new offering from the same team that produces the globally popular Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Ontario each fall.

Leading the Salford Group at Ag in Motion will be the western Canada team comprised of territory managers Glenn Herperger and Doug Achtymichuk, They will be joined in booth 308 by technical specialist Mark Van Veen, an expert on maximizing precision agriculture applications with Salford Group’s wide lineup of tillage, seeding, and fertilizer application equipment.

Herperger, Achtymichuk, and Van Veen will showcase models from the entire Salford Group family, featuring equipment from Salford, Valmar, and BBI.  From Salford, the crew will display the mammoth 70-foot 525 air drill seeder and the AC4000L, a massive, hybrid solid/liquid air cart launched to great fanfare at Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

From the recently-acquired Valmar lineup, featuring equipment made in nearby Manitoba, the company will display the 7600 high-capacity, pull-type spreader featuring Airflo technology, the 2455 implement mount seed/herbicide applicator, and the ST-6 and ST-8, a pair of strip-till granular fertilizer applicators.

Representing the BBI Spreaders line of precision spinner-driven spreaders is the company’s latest addition to its lineup of offerings geared to large-acreage applications, Javelin. Known as the first spreader in the North American market to achieve 120-foot spread swath and drive interval spreading urea, Javelin is a leader in improving economic performance on the farm.

Since Ag in Motion is designed to be an interactive experience, the Salford team isn’t just showing equipment. Ag in Motion will be a great place to see Salford Group equipment put through its paces in the field. Multiple models from across the lineup will feature, including three from Salford’s Independent Series for tillage, the recently-launched I-2200 and I-4200, as well as the I-5100.  The I-2200 is aimed at achieving true vertical tillage, while the I-4200 is a machine that brings a great return on investment for those seeking a hybrid piece of equipment that delivers both primary and secondary tillage capabilities in the field.  

The I-5100 is the first full primary tillage machine in the company’s breakthrough Independent Series lineup, which features independently-mounted blades to promote industry-leading speed, obstacle protection, and range of operating conditions.

The I-2200 demonstrated at Ag in Motion will feature the award-winning hydraulic harrows package attachment as well. Other Salford models showcased on the demonstration field at Ag in Motion include a 60-foot 525 air drill and an AC3000 air cart.

Rounding out the demonstration lineup is a BBI MagnaSpread Ultra, another model from the company’s Producer Series lineup, featuring continuous duty hydraulics for unrivaled power, performance, and precision in the application of fertilizer and lime.

For more information on this week’s Ag in Motion show, visit the show website.