Salford Group’s Flex Finish Hydraulic Harrow System Nominated for CFPS Innovation Award

Salford Flex Finish Harrow System

(Salford, ON) – Salford Group, a leading global manufacturer of tillage, seeding and fertilizer application equipment, has raised the bar on tillage equipment technology with the introduction of new equipment options that adapt to field conditions on the fly. In recognition of these achievements, the company’s hydraulically controlled FlexFinish™ harrow system, and Switchblade ™ shank kits, have been nominated by Canada’s Farm Progress Show for a 2015 Innovation Award.

“The coil tine and 14 inch rolling basket harrow package is an unsung hero for Salford. Almost every one of our I-Series machines have left the factory with this harrow package in manual form, so we thought ‘why should a farmer have to leave the cab of the tractor to do manual adjustments as the machine works its way through the field?’” said Brad Baker, Product Manager of the Independent Series product line at Salford. “We saw how popular the hydraulically controlled Switchblade shank kits were and thought if we applied the technology to the harrow package, we could not only make life easier for farmers but, by really advancing into the realm of field adaptive technology, we could help them maximize productivity on every square foot of their land.”

Rolling baskets hydraulically raise and lower so an operator can move baskets up and out of the way in high moisture situations or to leave some stubble standing to reduce erosion. An operator can also increase the spring tension on the basket arms themselves, to create more down pressure on the basket. This downpressure helps break down clods and evens out field finish for better seed to soil contact and increased germination success rates.

Hydraulic controls allow the operator to change the pitch of the tines from high aggression to low aggression and every setting in between. With a more aggressive pitch, the farmer can achieve better surface leveling capabilities or with lower pitch can allow more residue to pass through the machine.

Flex Finish hydraulically adjustable tines and rollers can be purchased as a complete kit or the hydraulically adjustable tines or rollers can be purchased separately in combination with the standard manually adjustable equipment. Highly visible indicators mounted to the self-leveling system of the machine allows the operator to monitor the position of the tines and rollers from the cab so he will always know what is going on behind him.

The Switchblade hydraulic trip shanks feature adjustable trip pressure up to 1300 lb., making them an ideal attachment for chisel ripping. Shanks can be raised or lowered hydraulically to quickly convert the machine from applicator or coulter chisel to a vertical tillage machine. Switchblade shanks can penetrate between 4-8” and can carry either a fertilizer application or tillage shank. Fertilizer application shanks have an industry standard side mount but Salford that fits most NH3 slot knives.

Salford is pleased to have its hydraulic option technology recognized in this way by Canada’s Farm Progress Show and extends its best wishes to all fellow nominees. Winners will be announced on Tuesday at the opening ceremonies.

About Salford Group

Salford Group, with facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Russia, is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment. The company dedicates its ongoing innovation efforts to precision, durability, versatility in the field, and improving the economics of farming for producers worldwide.

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