Meet Trooper—the rental industry’s spreader of choice for precision fertilizer applications.  Trooper, a 10-foot, ground-wheel-drive spreader, is another great example of how BBI designs its products to solve problems in the marketplace.

Some small farming and other commercial operations can’t justify the purchase of a spreader, in terms of return on investment, but they still have significant application needs, particularly for fertilizer.  These smaller entities have typically turned to fertilizer companies or their local farming co-ops for the supply of material. 

The design and engineering team at BBI has delivered Trooper, a spreader competitively-priced for the rental market, that’s hallmarked by BBI’s attention to detail and quality evident throughout the company’s lines of spreaders for large farms and municipalities. Whether you buy a spreader or rent one, if it has the BBI name emblazoned on it, you can rest assured that the same quality standards have been met during the spreader’s design and manufacture.  With Trooper, applicator firms and co-ops have a spreader to meet the needs of small farms, while giving them the quality and performance to keep them coming back for more material along the way.

Built with BBI’s proprietary spreader system featured on the company’s larger models, Trooper is the rental market’s only ground-wheel-drive applicator that delivers a consistent, flat, 60-foot swath of fertilizer, row for row. The next closest competitors typically achieve swaths at ranges of 30 to 40 feet, sacrificing nearly half the efficiency on the way. Inconsistent spread patterns, no matter the swath length, contribute to decreased driving interval, a key cog in driving economic efficiency in the field.

BBI designed Trooper to meet the towing needs of small operators, whether they had tractors or trucks doing the work. Users can hitch Trooper to a pickup truck or a tractor, as the spreader comes standard-equipped with a manual, hydraulic pump for raising and lowering the ground drive wheels manually. The spreader’s ground-wheel-drive also operates independently or as plug-to-tractor.

Trooper is bigger, more powerful, and has a better fit and finish than any of its competitors in the rental space, featuring UHMW construction in critical areas, stainless steel, electrostatic paint, chemical-resistant coating, and flotation tires for minimizing soil compaction.

With Trooper, the team at BBI has proven once again that no matter the price point, our company will not sacrifice quality and performance for our customers.  Trooper meets BBI standards for excellence at a price that makes sense for the rental market, at no compromise of our mission to improve customer economics, pound for pound, row for row.

For more information on Trooper, visit its product page at www.bbispreaders.com