Spreader Spotlight: Javelin Breaks Triple-digit Swath Barrier

Salford BBI Javelin 120ft swath

The design and engineering team at Salford BBI has done it again. With the release of the all-new Javelin, the company’s latest model for mid-season top dressing of emergent plants, Salford BBI has made another breakthrough in the service of improving the bottom line of farming economics.

Javelin is a 12-foot, single-axle hydraulic platform optimized for large-acreage applications, nestling nicely into the Producer Series alongside MagnaSpread Ultra, the industry leader for hydraulic performance, and the company’s multi-hopper offerings, MagnaSpread 2 and MagnaSpread 3.   Javelin’s calling card is no small feat—it is simply the first spreader in the North American market to achieve a consistent 120-foot, flat spread swath, giving farmers a true 120-foot drive interval.

What does this mean, in terms of benefits on the farm?  In a word, it’s huge.  Salford BBI has taken large farms to a new level of economic performance. Pairing the Javelin’s all-new spinner system with the largest capacity of any top-dress spreader on the market today means much less time spent in the field, along with drastic reductions in fuel expenditure.  The brand’s vaunted precision, an established force with heritage brands like MagnaSpread, Endurance, and even the mechanical top-dressing Grasshopper, remains constant with Javelin, keeping material waste to an absolute minimum.

But with Javelin, the hits keep coming.  Early adopters in the North American market benefit from Salford BBI’s global presence, as Javelin meets standards already in place in Canada, Europe, and Australia for controlled traffic farming (CTF) by virtue of the 120-foot (36 meter) spread pattern.  To further optimize Javelin for CTF, soil compaction, and other concerns expressed by farmers, Salford BBI added expandable track widths (90-120 inches) and special tires built light enough for minimizing compaction while rugged enough for demands of large-acreage applications.

Finally, Javelin represents the only pull-type spreader available in North America featuring an extra-wide spread pattern. Farmers asked for it, and our design and engineering team delivered.

For more information on the all-new Javelin, the most efficient means of top dressing emergent plants on the planet, visit the Javelin product page on the Salford BBI website and speak with your local Salford BBI dealer. Javelin represents American ingenuity at its best—designed, engineered, and built here at our factory in Georgia.