Spreader Spotlight: Liberty—the Freedom to Grow

At BBI, we talk a lot about two of our spreader lines, MagnaSpread and Endurance, which represent our flagship offerings for large, sophisticated farms that need the very best in managing the economics of agribusiness.

Our mission as a company is to improve the economics of our customers in the field, and we first articulated this philosophy in the design and manufacturing of Liberty, our heritage line of mechanical, ground-wheel drive spreaders for medium-capacity delivery of granular material. Liberty’s story details BBI’s commitment to continuous improvement, refining our design year after year.

We aimed Liberty, a 10-foot, tandem-axle spreader, squarely at the middle market of farming and ranching—operations with footprints at or below 500 acres—and we’ve always packed this line with value.  For many years, farms and ranches of several hundred acres had been neglected by the spreader industry, having to settle with inferior products.  With the development of Liberty, BBI delivered the VIP treatment these businesses had long deserved, helping them to take their operations to the next levels of growth and profitability.

Liberty isn’t just the best choice for mid-market farms—it’s really the only choice. BBI’s exclusive spreader system, developed initially for Liberty and then applied to the entire family of BBI spreaders throws material with the same dead-level accuracy and length, whether it’s a mechanical (Liberty) or hydraulic (MagnaSpread) model.  The results relative to BBI’s competitors in the medium-capacity market are like comparing an NFL quarterback to a high school kid. 

While no competitor can currently promise more than a 40-foot swath in the mid-capacity mechanical class of spreaders, BBI delivers double the swath (80 feet with fertilizer, 60 feet with lime) with greater accuracy through a wider, flatter spread pattern.  With these exceptional levels of results, Liberty delivers remarkable savings in fuel costs and material costs through fewer passes in the field and reduced material waste along the way.  Cost in use is everything to a farmer looking to embrace a new way of achieving smarter growth, and Liberty achieves these savings in spades.

The bottom line:  Liberty is at least 40 percent more efficient than any of its competitors.

The Liberty line sets the option-rich tone that’s a hallmark of BBI’s entire line of products for farms, ranches, golf courses, and infrastructure needs.  Liberty is available in multiple materials to meet durability requirements, including both carbon and stainless steel versions.  Option packages include optimization for low-profile, heavy duty, and even higher-capacity needs for farms and ranches.  While Liberty features a ground-wheel-drive conveyor, spinners can feature as either PTO or hydraulic-driven.

Even as we’ve developed bigger models for large-capacity jobs on mega-farms and ranches, we find that many of our customers begin their BBI experience with Liberty, experiencing the company’s promise of greater precision, power, and durability, only to eventually upgrade to our flagship hydraulic models, such as Triad and MagnaSpread. This phenomenon is a validation of our mission as a company, and it spurs us to continue along our path of innovation with a focus on improving the economics of farming.

To learn more about Liberty, check out its product page at our website, BBISpreaders.com.