MagnaSpread is BBI’s flagship line of spreaders to meet farming needs for granular fertilizer and lime applications.  BBI has designed and engineered five different MagnaSpread models to meet very specific needs in fields across America and around the world. 

The MagnaSpread line includes four pull-type models, as well as a truck-mount version. One of the four available pull-type models is the eight-foot, single-axle MagnaSpread that BBI has optimized for ag and turf applications. The demands of ag and turf farms led BBI to design a compact version of MagnaSpread with a variety of features and options optimized especially for these types of agricultural environments.

Through a low-profile design coupled with low center-of-gravity engineering, farmers and course managers can pull MagnaSpread Ag and Turf with a low-horsepower tractor.  While the MagnaSpread Ag and Turf edition has a low profile (with 15-inch ground clearance) and low center of gravity, there’s nothing low about its spreading capabilities.  MagnaSpread Ag and Turf delivers up to two tons per acre at 14 miles per hour with 60-foot swaths for lime and up to 80-foot swaths for granular fertilizer.

The eight-foot MagnaSpread Ag and Turf features an eight-by-four-foot hopper with 64 cubic feet struck capacity, along with a 16-inch conveyor.

BBI has equipped all MagnaSpread models, including Ag and Turf, with its proprietary Binary Manifold, which combines the hydraulic controls for the spreader’s conveyor and spinners into one control manifold. The Binary Manifold enables connections with precision agriculture technology from all leading manufacturers. MagnaSpread is ready for both variable-rate technology and straight rate control for fertilizer and lime applications.

In addition to the Binary Manifold, the MagnaSpread Ag and Turf features as standard equipment the TeeJet CL250.  This electronic offering manages straight rate control with the added value of field guidance.

MagnaSpread Ag and Turf’s flotation tires, coupled with BBI’s proprietary spreading system for extra-wide swaths, minimize soil compaction for turf farms and golf course environments.

BBI has built MagnaSpread Ag and Turf with the same hallmarks of durability that feature across the company’s entire product line.   Ag and Turf features UHMW paint and stainless steel contraction to reduce corrosion issues and extend the life of the spreader.  The spreader’s single-piece, CNC-machined comb enables longer chain life, while the spinner motors feature above the chemical, resulting in extended motor life.   The dual rack-and-pinion gate prevents material jams as well.

As exemplified in the attention to design, engineering, and quality in MagnaSpread Ag and Turf, BBI is relentless in its pursuit of durability, to meet its mission of improving the economics of each of the company’s customers.  Longer spreader life equals a greater return on investment, every time.