Spreader Spotlight—BBI’s RockBody

Meet BBI’s tough customer for spreading hard materials—the RockBody.  Designed for rigorous tasks at construction sites and road maintenance, RockBody spreads rock, gravel, sand, salt, and aggregate materials with an elegant efficiency that belies its rugged exterior.

BBI conceived of the RockBody as the next-level solution for counties, municipalities, and construction companies dependent upon using multiple dump trucks and graters to accomplish laying new roads or maintaining existing stretches.  We built RockBody to be strong and dependable—a real money-maker for those who purchase it.  From public road maintenance crews to mine operators, customers find that a RockBody material application alone replaces the old truck-and-grater way of doing business—spread the material, and you’re finished, plain and simple.

RockBody represents road-building done the right way, every time with a high level of efficiency that saves time and money with each application and a much smaller equipment investment for customers.

With optional in-cab controls for adjustment of conveyor and spinner speeds, the truck-mounted RockBody is ideal for precision applications for road topping on rural routes and early-stage commercial development.  Like all other BBI spreaders, designed for farming, poultry, golf course, or vineyard and orchard applications, we made RockBody easy to maintain and use, marked with our company’s standard of precision.

RockBody is available with cab-controlled hydraulic gate, conveyor, tarp, and spinners, with multiple options on offer to tailor this beast of a spreader to the taxing needs of road maintenance, mining, and many other applications. Several key features bolster RockBody’s durability, including cab shield and wooden side boards to protect the hopper and cab from damage during loading. The flow divider features BBI’s exclusive “Rock Escape” design to prevent rock jams during the spread.

BBI utilizes ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene across its product line, including the RockBody, to reduce corrosion issues and extend the life of the spreader.  RockBody’s bearing back, also featuring UHMW construction, keeps the spreader’s bearings clean, resulting in longer bearing life and fewer failures through the tough assignments RockBody faces on a daily basis.

With a flat-belt roller and UHMW supports, the conveyor design contributes to RockBody’s durability and longevity, limiting material damage to the machinery.

For more information, including product specifications and manuals for BBI’s gritty competitor for commercial and public road maintenance challenges, visit RockBody’s product page at www.BBISpreaders.com or contact us today.