Spreader Spotlight—BBI’s SideShooter

Never let it be said that BBI doesn’t shoot from the hip.  Meet SideShooter, a dairy cow’s best friend, and BBI’s custom-tailored, side-discharge spreader optimized for the dairy market.

SideShooter is exemplary of BBI’s thoughtful attention to designing the best spreaders for multiple markets with their own unique needs.  The company optimized SideShooter to provide maximum comfort to milking cows through precise, balanced distribution of dairy sand into a free-stall barn for barn used for milking cows.  Dairy farmers know that there’s a true, directly-proportional relationship between the comfort of the milking cows and their milk’s overall yield, quality, and taste.

After milking time, our bovine friends come into the barn, take their rest, and get some feed in their cozy barn environs. With one tiny pebble, cows can become disturbed and uncomfortable. SideShooter empowers dairy operators with the ability to reclaim the barn’s sand each day—remove it, wash it, and place it back in the barn, clean, cool, and comfortable. The more comfortable a milking cow is, the greater the milk yield, quality, taste. 

In addition to its dairy farming uses, SideShooter has emerged as a must-have piece of equipment for managers of commercial game fisheries and freshwater farms for species such as tilapia and catfish.  The pull-type SideShooter’s design not only allows for precision spreading of dairy sand, but also for the balanced distribution of fish pellets for even feeding of fish populations.

Made from carbon steel, the 10-foot SideShooter boasts an 88-inch-wide, bolt-on hopper with 192 cubic inches of capacity for dairy sand, fish pellets, and other similar materials. BBI utilizes state-of-the-art, electrostatic paint for added durability, with multiple color options available.

“SideShooter is such a neat spreader,” stated Lee Kilpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI Spreaders.  “The way we design spreaders like SideShooter is always mindful of the fields in which they perform and the jobs required. With this product, you have the added concern for the comfort of the animals that benefit from the product and how well it performs in the barn on a daily basis. Thus, we have a two-fold mission with this product—improving customer economics through precision distribution of dairy sand, along with the parallel goal of improving the comfort level of milking cows.”

For more information, including product specifications and manuals for the best friend a dairy cow or a farm fish could ever have, visitSideShooter’s product pageatwww.BBISpreaders.comorcontact ustoday.