Salford Team heads to Ag in Motion

Event: Ag in Motion

Dates: July 19-21, 2016

Why You Should Attend: Ag in Motion is Western Canada’s first outdoor farm expo, situated on 320 acres of prime agricultural land, just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In just its second year, the expo will feature live demonstrations of field equipment, crop plots, and interactive agribusiness exhibits. Join our team in booth 528 to learn more about Salford Group’s array of machines built for soil productivity!

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The winter trade show circuit picks up more steam in mid-January, as BBI joins one of its key dealers, Agro Chem, for Indiana’s Fort Wayne Farm Show.

2013 marks the twenty-third year that Fort Wayne’s Allen County War Memorial Coliseum has served as a connecting point between Indiana’s farming community and representatives from multiple agribusiness sectors, including farming equipment, supplies, and services. This year’s show will run from January 15-17 and feature nearly 375 vendor participants.

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Technology in Tractors, Fertilizer Spreaders and Other Equipment Equal Big Gains

Advancements in technology are helping farmers get the most out of every acre, every minute and every dollar they spend. Variable rate application technology on both tractor pull type fertilizer spreaders and truck mount fertilizer spreaders has matured so that it has become a widely accepted tool for the farmer.
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