David Emmett: A Renewal of BBI’s Enduring Commitment to Quality

Thanks to the commitment of our people, in tandem with the increasing loyalty of our many customers and great dealers, BBI Spreaders has experienced record growth for several consecutive years.  With record growth comes greater responsibility, and as sales increase, companies like BBI must redouble their efforts to maintain the quality, durability, and efficiency of the equipment that attracts so many fans in the field.

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Meet Russ McEver—BBI’s New Problem-Solver Extraordinaire

BBI Spreaders is proud to announce the hiring of Russ McEver, professional problem-solver, for our growing team of precision agriculture professionals.

A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Russ brings a wealth of business experience to BBI, working with farmers and other businesspeople in a variety of capacities throughout his career, including industry roles in finance, meat packing, machining, and hardware, tools, and equipment.  This married father of two personifies the BBI mission with his focus on improving customer economics in the areas of inside sales, parts, and precision agriculture technology applications.

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