BBI Welcomes Scott DeVeau to Design and Engineering Team

As the company’s longstanding tradition of commitment to innovation in design and engineering of the best spreaders in the fields around the world continues to expand, BBI Spreaders is proud to announce the hiring of Scott DeVeau, the latest addition to the team of people that take our company to new levels of achievement in manufacturing year after year.

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BBI’s Customer-centered Innovation with a Holiday Twist

Last month, one of our Canadian dealers referred us to their northernmost customer, a Mr. Kris Kringle.  We were honored to host this gentleman, popularly known all over the world as Santa Claus, at our BBI manufacturing facility in Cornelia, Georgia.  Mr. Kringle told us that throughout the year, his team at his North Pole headquarters amasses toys and goodies through licensing agreements with major global manufacturers to distribute to children all over the world.

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Commitment to Service and Quality: BBI Promotes McEver, Hires Emmett

Throughout the history of our company, the people of BBI have worked hard to build our brand. To us, the BBI brand stands quality, innovation, and high value for our customers, advancing our mission “to improve customer economics.” 

In addition to the reputation of our equipment, our brand is the reputation of everyone who works at BBI.

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