The Producer Series: BBI’s New Commitment to the World’s Largest Farming Operations

By Lee Kilpatrick

BBI MagnaSpread Ultra Pan Test

As recently chronicled in BBI Spreader News and the company’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, BBI launched a game-changing new family of spreaders at the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.

Farm Progress is an annual, American heartland celebration of all things new and great in farming, and we couldn’t think of a better setting to announce our latest commitment to the economic betterment of farmers worldwide, our all-new Producer Series.  The Producer Series features three new offerings based on the legendary heritage of MagnaSpread, the industry leader in driving the economics of fertilizer and lime application for greater yields, better efficiency, and sustainable use of resources.

The three new offerings that comprise the Producer Series, MagnaSpread Ultra, MagnaSpread 2, and MagnaSpread 3, are large offerings geared for rugged, durable performance with precision, with respect to the Ultra, and multi-hopper deployment of sophisticated, on-the-fly nutrients in the case of the two and three-hopper offerings. 

There’s a trend that many in the farming world have noticed over the last year, a trend toward even bigger, nastier “Big Iron” that meets the needs of large-acreage farms.  In previous years, BBI perfected its proprietary spreader technology, along with design principles and manufacturing techniques to drive spreader economics on smaller scales.  First, with our heritage mechanical model, Liberty, we defined excellence on small to mid-sized fields.  Later, with the original hydraulic MagnaSpread models, we set the pace for mid-sized farming operations.

Now, with the Producer Series, we have set the stage for a new era of excellence at BBI, an excellence defined by in-the-field performance for the world’s most important farms.  In the last couple of weeks, we just deployed the very first MagnaSpread Ultra to a 10,000-plus-acre farm in North Dakota (see photograph), and MagnaSpread 2s and 3s are already at work, both here in America and places as far away as the Asian continent.  This new era brings us great pride at BBI—these kinds of developments in our product lines take years of design, engineering, and testing to ensure that each new iteration of our products meets our company’s demand that it outlast and outperform our previous generation of products. 

In a sense, when we produce new spreaders of the quality and awesome capability of those in the Producer Series, we don’t produce spreaders to “beat the competition.”  With all due respect to our competitors, it’s not about them—it’s always about the customer in front of our dealers in their stores every day.  And when it’s about the customer, you strive not for lowest common denominator products that leave customers with little choice, but rather for giving your best so that they can feed our families while making more money to feed their own.

My team and I are proud to represent BBI Spreaders at dealerships and trade shows, as well as in meetings with farmers right there in the fields across America and around the world on an ongoing basis.  There’s a revolution going on in farming, and it’s called precision agriculture.  Precision ag is an all-encompassing way of doing the business of farming.  It’s driven by agronomy, powered by electronics, and implemented with equipment that has capabilities that match power with precision.  That last part of the equation is where we come in at BBI, and it’s no small task to match wits with the global agronomy community and the tech wizards who are pushing our industry forward at great speed over the last couple of decades. 

But because we live to serve our farmers—from the small family farms to the multi-million dollar producers—we’re up to it for a long time to come.

Lee Kilpatrick is Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI Spreaders.