Aerway Flexible Chain Harrowing System

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Designed to be practical, durable, and easy to use

The unit base is 2” heavy square tubing mounted to the frame. The 6-foot carriers are easily removed by a single pin. When the AerWay is down, simply raise the rear of the harrow, secure on the rear hook. Then, lift the front bar of the harrow and secure with the chain. A three-point hitch lift frame is also available.

Ideal for:

  • Horse and cattle farmers spreading manure

  • Preparing seed beds (can also be trailed behind disc)

  • Covering seed (ideally suited for winter rye grass)

  • Incorporating herbicides

  • Harrowing fertilizer on hay fields to get faster, more vigorous regrowth

  • Root raking, land leveling and landscaping with the addition of 3-point lift frame



  • Heaviest Harrow in the Industry

  • Stronger Hinge Joints

  • Superior Pasture Renovation

  • Excellent Seed Bed Preparation


Drag Chain Harrows

  • 5/8”-diameter high carbon teeth

  • Available from 5’ wide to 26’ wide x 84” deep

Pull-type Harrow Caddys

  • Available in working widths of 17’ to 26’ wide

  • Transport width 8’ 6”

Teeth provided on both sides

  • 3-inch teeth angled 45 degrees for better trash harrowing and lighter harrowing action on one side

  • 3-inch teeth angled 15 degrees on opposite side for for more rigid harrowing action

  • Unique tooth arrangement is self-cleaning under most conditions


Model Number Chain Harrow width
AW-CH07-3 7'
AW-CH09-3 9'
AW-CH11-3 11'
AW-CH13-3 13'
AW-CH15-3 15'
AW-CH17-3 17'
AW-CH19-3 19'
AW-CH22-3 22'
AW-CH24-3 24'
AW-CH26-3 26'