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Setting new standards for vertical tillage

The AerWay® family of patented vertical tillage tines are designed to relieve compaction, manage crop residue, and warm the loosened soil for seedbed preparation. The patented tine technology is available in both ShatterTine® and Leaf Tine® profiles.

AerWay vertical tillage is accomplished by the unique lean and twist of the tines designed to move soil laterally, plus lift and fracture soils to 8 inches and deeper. New pathways are created for air and water movement, while maintaining the valuable protective surface residue. With better soil conditions, plants respond with stronger roots and better yields.



  • Frame Configuration – Available in 10 to 40-ft. widths. Single roller system with four tines per row. Standard 7 ½” tine spacing.

  • Wing Down Pressure Valve – Standard on all Folding Wing models. Valve is pre-set at the factory but can be easily adjusted in the field to suit varying ground conditions.

  • Trunnion Bearing & Mounting Bracket – Heavy-duty 50mm bearing standard on all AWST and AWFT machines. No-lube bearings are designed for severe service applications.

  • C-Flex System – Standard on all AWST and AWFT machines. Designed to protect rollers from impact and shock loads.


  • Rolling Baskets – Available with either 3-Bar Coil Tines with 14” Single Roller.

  • Rear Tool Bar – AWST and AWFT frames are designed to accept an optional rear tool bar, allowing the user to attach his own finishing tools.

  • Pull-type Wheel Kits – Designed to convert the machinery into a “trail” unit with tires rearward.

  • Scraper System for Rollers – For units working in challenging or high-residue conditions.

  • Ballast Blocks – For hard compacted ground conditions, ballast blocks are available in 550 and 750-lb. weights.

  • Lighting Kit – Includes two lights and two universal mounting brackets and harnesses.


  • Versatility – Quick-adjust feature allows you to easily vary the roller swing angle to meet your tillage and cropping demands.

  • Value – Can be used full season and is readily adaptable to no-till, minimum till, and conventional till practices.

  • All-Season – Ideal in the springtime for warming and drying soils. Post-harvest use allows your soils to breathe and promotes better residue breakdown.

  • Dependable – All components chosen for strength and durability to withstand the demands of day-to-day farming.

  • Outstanding Yields – Get top yields with lower input costs. It all comes down to the bottom line.





C-FLEX Single Row AerWay ® – available in 7.50” effective tine spacing
Model Number Cultivation Width Travel Width # of Tines Weight HP Required
AWST100 10’ 9’ 8” 64 2225 lbs 60-100
AWST125 12.5’ 12’ 2” 80 2602 lbs 75-125
AWST150 15’ 14’ 8” 96 2962 lbs 90-150
AWST200 20’ 19’ 8” 128 4224 lbs 120-200
C-FLEX Single Row AerWay ® – available in 7.50” effective tine spacing
Model Number Cultivation Width Travel Width # of Tines Weight HP Required
AWFT200 20’ 10’ 9” 128 5499 lbs 120-200
AWFT25N 25’ 10’ 9” 160 6324 lbs 150-250
AWFT25W 25’ 15’ 9” 160 6324 lbs 150-250
AWFT300 30’ 15’ 9” 192 7149 lbs 180-300