why aerate?

compaction is the enemy!

Compacted Soil  Compacted soil has had the air space squeezed out by machine, animal feet or nature itself (rain). Root growth and plant production is inhibited.

Healthy Soil  Healthy soil contains a balance of mineral, air, water and organic matter. Approximately 1/4 of the volume of a healthy soil is made up of air pores.

AerWay Technology  technology refers to the twist and lean of the tine and the ability of the tine to lift the soil like a small spade, shattering the compacted layers and recreating the air space in the soil profile.

Aerated Soil  Aerated soil is loosened soil with ideal air/water balance an environment for maximum root growth.

Good soil tilth is important!

Good Soil

Soil tilth is the measurement of the balance between basic soil elements: mineral, air, water, and organic matter. The proper balance of these elements increases soil production by allowing efficient interaction of all the soil systems. Air and water balance in the soil is the key to good root growth. 

Compaction stresses plants because air and water are "squeezed" from the soil. Biological and chemical activities which depend on air and water become severely restricted. Root growth is impaired, crop production suffers. 

Compaction makes both wet and dry soil conditions more severe. It reduces the water holding capacity of the soil which makes drought conditions worse. As well, it inhibits drainage to make wet